Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pros & Cons of a Roomie

Kinda difficult topic to discuss if I haven't been in this situation...
These are some pros and cons I thought about:

-Life will be cheaper. You'll share costs of rent and utilities.
-You'll share responsibilities and chores (Dishes, vacuuming, shopping, etc.).
-You'll have company and won't be alone.
-Since you're saving money, you'll be able to afford better things.
-It's often safer to have someone to live with.

-Lack of privacy.
-You can never trust him/her, especially if you don't know 'em that well.
-You gotta trust 'em to be on time with the rent, or maybe spot you sometimes.
-Their problems can become your problems.
-Get used to each other (Get bored of them).

Now, living with a female or male roommate can vary, due to the famous "battle of the sexes". Men and women DO think and feel differently. But still, I think it won't be that different, you'll still have the same pros and cons, just with some variations. It depends on the person, but I recommend you do it at least once in your life, to have one more experience. I bet it'll be fun to try to function with a female stranger under the same roof.

Now guess who is who! :D
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

If I had $10'000,000 Dollars...

This is a difficult question, don't you think? I've been thinking this from time to time all day, and finally came with some ideas...

I would like to help out my family if there was any debt to pay, buy them a great present as a thank-you for all the things they've done to raise me as I am.

I would like also to buy a nice apartment in downtown, let’s make it the Penthouse, nicely furnish it, and buy the very best audio and video system, have a great kitchen, and buy nice clothes. I would also buy myself a sporty and elegant car such as a Jaguar or an Audi.

I would like to invest a good amount of money to secure my future and keep living properly, probably invest it in several small companies and make them grow.

I would probably donate part of my money each year to a non-profitable charity.

I would find myself the love of my life, marry her, and have 3 lovely kids. Raise them, feed them, educate them, and teach them to live. Give my best as a parent and as a husband. Give my wife the kind of life she deserves, the best. Pay my children’s school bills, hospital bills when needed, and great universities.

And I would absolutely love to buy a nice property on the beach, and start building an awesome beach-house; nail by nail. And make it my last home. Write a book.

Spend the rest of my days squeezing the best of life.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Homelessness: Vancouver's mayor-elect.

Housing Minister Rich Coleman and Vancouver's new mayor-elect had a two-hour meeting this weekend in which they agreed they are willing to make extraordinary efforts to reduce homelessness significantly this year.
In the two weeks since their municipal election victory, they have identified an immediate need for 700 to 1,000 new shelter beds.
"I'm really hopeful that we can get hundreds of beds available really quickly," Mr. Robertson said after his meeting with the minister.
Both parties said no details had been worked out but that, in general, if Vancouver can come up with buildings and other resources such as money for minor renovations, the province is willing and able to provide the funds needed for operations and support.

Well, I support the idea that homelessness is one of the biggest problems in the actual Vancouver. Day a day, the number of homless people increases, but I think the government has the power and the will to fix this problem, at least I would like to believe that.
Being long enough in the beautiful city of Vancouver, I have noticed that this is pretty much their only "big" problem, everything else seems to be in control, leaving the homeless as the only "ugly" thing in such beautiful city.
So that's why I support to make the city better, giving these people a better oportunity and quality of life and little by little eliminating this problem.