Tuesday, December 9, 2008

If I had $10'000,000 Dollars...

This is a difficult question, don't you think? I've been thinking this from time to time all day, and finally came with some ideas...

I would like to help out my family if there was any debt to pay, buy them a great present as a thank-you for all the things they've done to raise me as I am.

I would like also to buy a nice apartment in downtown, let’s make it the Penthouse, nicely furnish it, and buy the very best audio and video system, have a great kitchen, and buy nice clothes. I would also buy myself a sporty and elegant car such as a Jaguar or an Audi.

I would like to invest a good amount of money to secure my future and keep living properly, probably invest it in several small companies and make them grow.

I would probably donate part of my money each year to a non-profitable charity.

I would find myself the love of my life, marry her, and have 3 lovely kids. Raise them, feed them, educate them, and teach them to live. Give my best as a parent and as a husband. Give my wife the kind of life she deserves, the best. Pay my children’s school bills, hospital bills when needed, and great universities.

And I would absolutely love to buy a nice property on the beach, and start building an awesome beach-house; nail by nail. And make it my last home. Write a book.

Spend the rest of my days squeezing the best of life.


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