Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Courageous or Scared?

Ok, this is a real story I experienced. Some say I acted scared, other say I acted bravely and intelligently. Let's see what you think.

Me and my friends were “celebrating” Independence Day back in Mexico. We went to a friend’s house up in a hill, an abandoned house. We had a great time drinking, talking and chilling; waiting for the fireworks to start. A few minutes after midnight, everything was coming to its end, we were getting tired, cold, and for some there was no more to drink; fireworks ended.
After half an hour we decided to move to other place, to another friend’s house, back in the city. I was driving my car, that’s why I had nothing to drink… yeah right, just a couple beers, no biggie. So after a while we got there and kept partying. I was very tired and in no mood to party. So I decided to go to sleep to my house and not there, nothing is better than your own bed, right?
So, I was driving back home, It was around 2 o’clock in the morning, and streets were quite empty and I was really sober by that moment, but were the people driving their cars were sober? You never know, maybe drugged too.
A couple miles from my home in front of me I noticed this car driving very strange, I had this bad feeling about him, so decided just to run past him and leave him in my back and just keep going home. The other car, which was pretty full didn’t let me through, so I was like what’s wrong with this guy, and tried again and again, and he kept throwing his car towards me. I took this kind of personally and threw him my high beams and really forced my car to pass by him, and I did. This is where all started… Now it became like a steet race, he started to try run past me, but actually trying to crash my car, he was pretty violent. I was starting to feel scared and in danger. I was dodging him and finally stopped my car, thinking he would keep his own way but I was wrong. He stopped too. He was looking for a fight!

Story incomplete. In process...

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